Spirometrics Filter D1010-2/Former Part #2195
Spirometrics Filter D1010-2/Former Part #2195

The single-use PFT filter from Spirometrics helps prevent the risk of the spread of infectious disease while offering accurate results. Use one with every spirometer test.   (2-50 pc boxes totaling 100 pieces)

New ergonomic design offer a better mouth fit for maximum test accuracy, meeting flow resistance requirements over the entire range of ATS flows from zero to 14 liters/sec.  Latex free.

Filtration Efficiency:                                 99.9% Bacterial-99.6% Viral   

Cross Contamination Efficiency: 99.9999% Bacterial -  99.9984% Viral

D1010 Filter is a direct replacement for: KoKo Moe filters #810000, KoKo filters #819000;          fits all KoKo spirometers (KoKo and KoKo-trek);and V-MAX by Sxusquehanna Micro.  Also fits the Clear Advantage part # CB 1503 (purple) by Creative Biomedics.

Product Code:  D1010-2 / Former Part #2195
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Spirometrics Filter Adapter Chart (PDF)

The Spirometrics PFT Filter is considered one of the best on the market for reducing contamination and concern about the spread of infectious disease.

As one more added benefit, using our filters means less time cleaning and sterilizing the equipment. So you'll have faster patient turnaround.